What can I say about you?
When there’s so much to say
I knew you for 16 months now
And those months knowing you
Are the best moment I ever had
I always knew that someday
We would have to say goodbye
We were suppose to have one last month together
The last month that we would have fun
But now, I see that the time has come
And leave us behind
We would grow apart and
We would soon just become a memory
I just want you to know
That you will always be forever  in my heart
Although this goodbye is just temporary …
This is the hardest goodbye
For me to say
Wipe the tear off the cheek
And please, for the last time
Draw your beautiful smile
For the last time
Hug me goodbye
Even though just through the wire
With thousands of tears running down my face,
This untold poem is done
(Jinju, 9 January 2013, 09:08pm, combustion Lab.)