This step brought me to you in the soul of
Bandung City Indonesia, November 2003
There wasn’t many people that approached you,
You just hanged in the corner of that cozy place
9 years ago, my mom gave you as a present
After a month I‘m lying sick
9 years ago, I’m yours and you are mine
From that moment, we always together
Yeah, me and you that always stays next to my heart
You feel what my heart’s feel
As if you beat as my heart is beating,
and dance with the same rhythm
9 years, enough to make me fall in love with you
9 years, enough to make my love bigger
9 years, you have enough time to know my heart so deeply
But now,
You are not here anymore,
There is no you next to my heart,
Just the empty space …
I’m searching you a new home
Home with a new heart
It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you anymore
But I want you to guard your new home,
Your new heart
Don’t worry
I’ve choose a good heart for you carefully
She has a beautiful heart and a big enough place for you to stay
It would be your job to warm her heart when winter shaded in the corner
When you feel strange inside your new home,
Just remember your previous home, my heart
Because me and her, we have the same heart
I even could sing with the rhythm of her heart
Even though in a silence song, without words
Love your new home
Love your new heart
Because we’ll always together
Me, My heart, You and Your new home