Can you imagine it’s been a year ago today? 
And still I haven’t found a sure way
To break through your shell and become close to you
To get to know you and become a ‘close friend’
Can you imagine this? 
12 months ago I met you…Would you have gathered this? 
In 12 months two people can fall IN LOVE deep
In 12 months you can find a soul mate, best friend to keep
In 12 months you can go from making millions to only few
In 12 months you can build a castle or two, even
In 12 months you can change the world
Now, with all of these thoughts you’d think I won the prize
Unfortunately between us there’s been too much lost time 
That’s why it’s still a bit awkward and still strange to us
That’s why we haven’t gotten to that comfort zone of trust
Yet when I’m with you, that’s where I know I should be
So often I’ve gone back and questioned if I said anything wrong
Or if I did anything like came across too strong 
And after how long I’ve struggled to finally become me
I’ve asked myself “Why you acting like you doesn’t know me?”
But then I pulled my head together after 12 months to be exact
And I stopped questioning any of the qualities I might lack
So, I had to get my mind and emotions under control
Because this emotional rollercoaster has now gotten old
And sadly I accept that I am just not the one
And with that, dear you somewhere out there, this poem is DONE
(07 September 2011 ~ 07 September 2012)
Gyeongsang National University, Jinju – S. Korea