Long-haired girl,
Busy enjoying the universe from the rooftop
Her eyes explore every inch
While both of her ears are playing
with each beat from pair of earphone that clung on her ears
Long-haired girl,
She’s been here since 365 days ago
Bring hopes and dreams
Carry the love on her arms
The love that still wrapped in the green box
Long-haired girl
Playing on the courtyard of the poetess’s heart
Her fingers danced over the strings of a guitar
Her string is a soothing tone of every soul
Long-haired girl,
Always hiding behind her flowing hair
Both of her eyes are never looked me in the eye
Each time the word is spoken
Long-haired girl,
Guitar, and
Playing in the ground of the heart
With verses of love songs
No words spoken
There was no trail of view
But from all her heart rhythm
I am able to sing
Because me and her
We dressed in the same rhythm
Love rhythm of the goddess
(Jinju, 12082012 05:25pm)