Archimedes and Newton will not understand magnetic field which happened between us.
Einstein and Edison can’t even bear to formulate E=mc2 ..
ooo incomparable to my love moment.
First time your shadow fell right into the focus of my heart.
Real, vertical, enlarge with power of lens.
It will be maximum as drop of milikan oil in empty space.

My love even bigger than Avogadro number..
Although our distance in aphelium as sun and Pluto.
The wave amplitude of your heart interfered with mine
as beauty as a complete harmonic motion without reverse force.
As torque of force with unlimited angular speed
My Mechanical energy love unbearable by friction,
My potential energy of love can not influenced by unit of force.
My kinetic love energy = – mv~

Even law of conservation energy is incomparable to conservation energy between us.
This is the resultant moment of our love Look at our love law.
My love moment is upright to your love moment.
Our love is as a perfect equilibrium point with unlimited inertia.

Not an impulse or force moment could touch it.